Take your favorite shirt.
Lay it flat and Measure it this way. Tape Measurer? You got one somewhere?
This is the updated for Drainforest Cafe Press T-Shirt please be advised
We are utilizing size tag technology. So it will say your size on shirt. (Under a Toucan this time.)
Width-18.25 inches-Length-26 inches./
Width-20 inches-Length-28 Inches /
Width-22.25 inches-Length 29 inches
XL (Also known as X-Large)
Width-24 inches-Length-30 inches
2 XL (Also known as Double XL? Is that right?)
Width-26 inches-Length-31 inches

Personally I hope I am not a drain but due hope to be dumped back into the rainforest.
Just here on the beach

Do you need to relax?