Ok you all know the deal
18x24 5 Color Silkscreen for Phish
$60 plus $10 Shipping So buy it now button is for $70
Run of 900
I have 100 AP copies.
If you have any problems email narwhalsofsound@hotmail.com
I am just one person.
Please be chill
I will wrap these in kraft paper with a tiny piece of blue painters tape on them to keep them safe
long story short
this is a complicated dance between myself
and the proud people at the U.S.P.S.
if you are worried about the tiniest ding please do not order from me
I will ask you to send it back and I'll refund you in full
if you want them signed e-mail me and tell me at email above
and tell me if you want it signed front or back
I will put a critter of your choice on the back if you wish whatever you want
I try to keep it mellow
If you want it shipped internationally that can also be arranged but email me to figure out extra shipping.
We will work it out.
Heres the button.
If it takes you to a random Phish Jam from MSG it's sold out.
Thank you
Okay that sold out in 2 minutes.

Thanks and apologies. I am totally out.

Some detail shots just for fun

Woo Who?