Take your favorite shirt.
Lay it flat and Measure it this way. Tape Measurer? You got one somewhere?
This is the updated for OZ SURF SHIRT please be advised
We Utilized a new technology which is referred to as sizes on our labels?
But this will let you know what size you need before you buy
Width-18 inches-Length-25.5 inches./ Purple Dot
Width-20 inches-Length-26 Inches / Blue Dot
Width-22 inches-Length 28 inches /Black Dot
XL (Also known as X-Large)
Width-22.5 inches-Length-31 inches / Pink Dot
2 XL (Also known as Double XL? Is that right?)
Width-26 inches-Length-31 inches / Orange Dot.

Excuse me.
Im high on AUSTRALIA right now.