18x24 1/8 " 7 Color Silkscreen for Dead & Co.
At Jiffy Lube Live
Bristow, VA
Lovingly printed by Baker Prints
On Natural Stock
You can smell the ink on these-quite nice
$65 plus $15 U.S. Shipping So buy it now button is for $80
Run of 1540.
I have 140 AP copies.
These are getting shipped Priority Mail
via a big tube and wrapped in Kraft Paper
If you have any problems email narwhalsofsound@hotmail.com
Email that email as well---and tell me front or back
They come printed signed
this is just for my physical sig
IMPORTANT NOTE--if you get them signed expect it to ship at the end of the month.
I'll get through as many as I can this weekend
and hopefully it goes out sooner
If you want it shipped internationally that can also be arranged but email me to figure out extra shipping.
It will be expensive. Prolly more expensive than the poster.

Here's the button.

These are sold out. Thanks!

Some detail shots just for fun.
odd angles from my phone